The Sandbox game universe has been expanded with NFT smurfs.

Thanks to the partnership with the game’s parent company Animoca Brands, small Belgian blue elves, who call mushrooms their home, will be represented in the decentralised game world of The Sandbox.

Lazybones, Smurfetta, Grandpa Smurf and other cute characters will turn The Sandbox into irreplaceable tokens (NFT) – unique kryptotokens that are unique and unique assets.

The Smurfs have entered into a deal with The Sandbox to obtain „large digital spaces known as LANDS“.

These are three-dimensional voxelized interpretations of the Smurfs native forest, „complemented by the environment, attractions, games and Smurf-style buildings with which to interact.

Smurfs will share their new home with Caring Bears, Bitcoin Sunrise, Lamb Shawn and others. In December The Sandbox will launch a public beta version of the game, so you can exchange Smurfs, bears and sheep for money in the secondary markets.

Smurfs will inhabit 11.5% of the entire card and starting from 12 November, 19,200 LANDS will be available for sale.

„I am very proud of the excellent partnership between The Sandbox and our little blue elves, we share the same values and as a fan of the games, I am looking forward to their launch on the market! – said the founder and president of IMPS, licensor of Smurfs, and daughter of Pierre Califord, creator of The Smurfs, Veronica Califord.

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